P4P - ­Global: Partners for Portfolios

P4P-Global (founded August 2009) offers expertise in stressed and distressed corporate debt situations to (non-bank) creditors and (prospective) distressed debt investors.

With over 35 years of experience with both the creditor and investor side of the distressed spectrum gathered at the former ABN AMRO, P4P adds value in corporate debt restructurings. Distressed debt experience is critical to achieve high recoveries or to optimize (distressed) investment returns, particularly today as restructurings tend to be longer and increasingly complex due to debt layering and larger and more diverse creditor groups. 

P4P can add value to (non-bank) creditors in various degrees of delegation from Represenation in creditor meetings and conference calls to the complete management of European Non-Performing Loan (NPLs) portfolios.

For investors, the distressed debt investment path is long and tedious and comes with many pitfalls. P4P adds value to the entire investment path, but particularly during the bid and restructuring phase and in the design and marketing of 'new money' transactions to existing creditors and shareholders.



> Representation of creditors

> Restructuring capital

> Advisory
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